Ok, so my friend, my brother, and me are starting a ska band. Currently I'm playing bass, my friends playing drums, my brothers playing guitar, and we have a couple people who are interested in playing horns with us. The thing is, my friends not that good at playing drums, and I play drums too and (I'm not trying to be conceited or anything but) I'm pretty much better than him. So I don't know what to do because I know if I played drums in our band, it could be a lot better, but he's like my best friend and I don't wanna hurt his feelings or anything, cuz he really wants to be in the band. Does anyone have any advice?
well, you could talk to your friend about it, and give him a second chance, just kinda warn him that he's on the bubble, and see if he works hard or really tries to improve
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can ur friend play bass? If no maybe you should stay on the bass he can get better in time. Also if he can keep rythm good he'll be ok for a while.
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does his suckage really hold you guys back? I mean, can you like motivate him to really go and take lessons, or teach himself stuff? If you cant get him better at drumming and he just plain sucks you have to get a new drummer. Unless you just want to have fun and don´t mind playing/making little less complicated songs.

BTW: is he registred at UG and does he know your username?

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get him to play bass, and you drums

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wow thanks for the advice and no he doesnt play bass or anything else, and I'm thinking if he does really work he can probably get a lot better, he takes lessons and stuff, he just doesnt get much time to practice because his mom is a bitch and yells at him because the drums are too loud. I'll probably talk to him about it maybe he can improve
tell him your problem, that you fear that he might not be as good, or maybe word it like you feel you would be a good fit at drummer and since your friends you dont want to let it fester inside of you. a band is like a relationship, if you go into it with a lie and not happy, its not gonna get better. i just had to walk out on my drummer and lead guitarist because they never practiced alone and screwed around at our practice when we all got together, playing too loud, not stoping or listening to everyone etc. one is/was a best friend of 12 years, the other was a roommate for 2 years and a friend for 8. i had to tell them i couldnt play with them any more cause i felt as a band we'd take 3 steps forward at practice then 3 steps backwards as a whole, but i'd do my part on my own time to help memorize and improve my parts and i'd have to reteach transistions and whole songs for the first hour of practice and when they could only play for 2 hours once or twice a week, we'd never finish the 7 songs we had. im not trying to buff my ego, but i wouldnt screw put transitions or get out of time, maybe play sloppy at times but not bad. they helped write 2 songs over a year ago, then i took a break from them because of lack of effort and they couldnt ever, and i mean ever, play them without some sort of problem. then got together with another buddy of mine, we wrote 5 in the matter of a few weeks, got back with them to have a "full band" i played bass because no one else would but couldnt teach the more than 1 or 2 songs a night, then they'd forget them. it was so frustrating.

now im playing with 2 other kids who WANT to play, practice, learn, and play live. one kid is as good or a better guitar than maybe both me and and the other kid but he's undoubtably better at bass, and sat and said it strait up, hey i got some great ideas for bass would you guys rather me play bass(which is more or less what we brought him in for, but i will do whatever i have to do to make my music sound better). YES SOMEONE WHO LISTENS TO THE MUSIC WHILE HE PLAYS. in one night we taught them the 5 songs we wrote and played em all 98% perfect by the end of the night and drew in 15 people from around his apt complex who sat and loved every min of our songs jsut from hearing us by walking by, knocking and saying hey it sounds great mind if we listen. and we've only had 3 or maybe 4 full practices and we can get all of the songs 95% first try through and 100% second time. we've written 2 more in 2 days and have them down pat.

if you have doubts about his willingness to practice, commitment, and ability to invest time in practice,(and talent but it sounds egotistical) what is gonna happen if/when you try to play live? throw your hard work down the drain? because i wasted 3 months trying to get friends who wernt willing to get better(not on purpose but it just wasnt ment to be... sometimes you feel it sometimes you dont) and stuck with them because they were my friends. it made me unhappy and sadly, depressed that my hard work was wasted.

im not good, but i try, and try to get better every day. i feel out my music and play to my ability and people love the sound. i try to learn the theory not just muscle memory. they had no interest in that at all... it sucks when your such good friends and a band rips you apart... thats my fair warning. it will be 100x easier now than when he thinks everythings going good and your not happy. cause i was terrified to play with them live... terrified.

sorry for the rant, but i hope it helps to see what can/might happen. it was a very tough thing for me to go through and wouldnt want anyone else to have to do what i did
Hmmm, well if you replace him with yourself, you'll also have to find a bassist which is really a step in the wrong direction as you already have a basic three piece setup.
Maybe you could train him up, after all, if you are better than him on drums you should be able to show him a thing or two.
Give it a little time, encourage the guy, show him the ropes a bit on the kit and see if he improves.