Where can I get one? I love the shape. The search bar has no answers.
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I believe they are old Vox guitars, if that helps at all.

You can probably find a vintage one if you look hard enough.

Is this the kind of guitar you were thinking?
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pics? never seen one

EDIT: just googled them, pretty cool, all the ones i saw were Vox
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It's a Vox Mark VI. It's vintage and collectible. Try eBay, or just buy a squier strat and cut the horns off to make it teardrop shaped.

EDIT: apparently, there are also reissues. Although they aren't currently being produced, if you find one it'll be a lot cheaper than the original.
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Are there any modern production guitars that are teardrop shaped?

None that I can think of...apart from Lute guitars (lutes with 6 strings tuned like guitars. They're expensive, too)

Vox Mark XII "Teardrop" cool ass hollow.

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