So I'm looking to replace the stock pickups in my Les Paul Studio. I play it through a Mesa Express 5:50. I play alot of leads, but nothing too "metal". I also need a really solid and jazzy clean tone. For my overdriven leads, i'm looking for a little more clarity and bite than i'm currently getting.
With that in mind, I'm considering
EMG H4 Passives.
Seymour Duncan Blackout Actives
EMG 81 Actives

I'll consider anything, even mixing and matching.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

Don't judge me.
If you want something jazzy with some bite... try something with an alnico 2 magnet and like 8k neck and 10-12k bridge. The alnico 2 gives lighter string pull and warmer sound than alnico 5 and the hotter wind will maintain the bite you need
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Quote by gab4554
Dont get EMG HZ

If you want a good clean sound get EMG 81/60. The 60 has a pretty good clean sound.
Or if you want passive pickups. Try some Duncans JB or Distortion in the Bridge. Jazz or 59 in the neck.

^^^ +1

HZ's.... dont really deliver as far as clarity and tone in my opinion.... I'd definitely go with the Hetfield configuration as suggested earlier. '60 in the neck '81 for the bridge.
i'm likin the look of the 81/60 combo. Especially in white. that would look dead sexy in my white les paul. hm.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

Don't judge me.
now your talkin

That would be awesome, maybe go for the 18v mod?
+1 to the Custom 5/Alnico II Pro. perfect for the TS.
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