so i wanna subscribe to a guitar magazine
btw i live in the US
but i dunno which one
i dont play metal
so i dont care about learning how to shred

but anyways
im stuck between

guitar world
guitar edge
or guitar player
I had player and world and player had the edge.
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I have player and world and player is more jazz/ blues stuff and guitar world is more popular metal stuff. also player has more actual music to play. for you, I'd say player.
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Guitar Player for what you're looking for, but Guitar Technique is the best magazine even though it is metal
Just don't get Total Guitar, its awful.

I've heard GW is good, I wouldn't know though, I'm in the UK.
+1 for all who said Guitar Player. Guitar World is more towards the Modern and Metal side. Guitar Player is more all around.
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Just don't get Total Guitar, its awful.

I've heard GW is good, I wouldn't know though, I'm in the UK.

!!!! what is wrong with total guitar!!!
Guitar Player is much more varied in it's content, and features lesser known people.
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!!!! what is wrong with total guitar!!!

1.They never manage to find a good balance between genres.
2. They review Deans all the time, and give then 5 stars regardless of how good they are.
3. DiM3bag RulZ lolololo RIP DIME!!!!!!!!!!11!111!111
4. "I don't know how to restring my guitar and I've looked everywhere, help me!!!!!!"
5. Tabbed: yet another A7x song! Yay for us!
6. This guitar is great, but you can't find a dealer anywhere!

That enough?
guitar player also has those "10 things to play like (insert artist here)" which is very interesting and fun, in my opinion.
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