i finished this guitar around the end of may.......

the pickups

when i got my design

the one on the right is my bros guitar


first coat of blk

after multiple coats....sanded

picks taken today

interesting design. did you paint the fret markers?
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Timpson Guitars and TDM Pickups rock ;D

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ohh i cut the shape with a band saw and sanded with a drill press with a template i amde b/c i do not have a belt sander
Not a fan of the shapes but the workmanship looks pretty good

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same not diggen the stripes but you did good work on the body (even though i dont dig the shape :P)
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I think you should make the 1st fret green too, it looks a bit odd without it.

Looks really good bro, I'm digging your design.

Love your bro's one too, pics of that?
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I think you should make the 1st fret green too, it looks a bit odd without it.

my bros guitar it has a black ice installed in it(installed with a pushpull on/off)......and two volumes....

i agree, its very refreshing to see people making their own guitars and coming up with something completely new and (imo) not looking like crap. well done!
Schweet.May I know if the fretboard's painted?I mean the green parts.
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