For sale is a pink Fernandes Vertigo guitar. I'm about to pickup a new guitar and I don't play this one as much as I should so I decided that I should sell it.

The features include original pickups, Floyd Rose II bridge with locking nut and string clamps, 3-way toggle pickup selector, Master Volume knob, Master Tone knob, White Pearloid pickguard, Pearloid Trapezoidal inlay, Rosewood fingerboard. The guitar does have a few minor chips and scratches with a large paint chip on the back of the instrument, but these imperfections don't affect how the instrument plays. I recently had a complete setup on this instrument, including a restring, retune, neck adjustment, intonation check, and a check of the wiring/electronics.

The picture uploader wont work for me, so if you want pictures of the guitar, let me know and I will send them to you. I'm looking to sell this for around $275, but I am open to trades. Make me an offer!
heyyy ive got an ibanez rg350 that I was planning on doing some work to but this might be a little more interesting. im not home now but if youve still got this in a week and are interested, please let me know.
within you lay everything
every key
every secret

untouched and in plain sight
i'm assuming it sold. i would've paid like $500 if the sustainer still works. fyi