Okay this has been happening since I first bought my guitar (Squier Strat).
I tune my guitar no problems... then maybe after a few minutes of playing my third string (G) drops out of tune a tad bit so when I play a power chord say:


It sounds like terd salad because my guitar is in standard tuning and the 3rd string drops down almost a 1/2 step. How do I fix this or is just the cheap guitar?

Locking nuts ftw I suppose?
how old are your strings, because mine's doing the same thing, but i desperately need some new strings, haha. I'm just too lazy to change them.

Because once they get old, they "die", and can't hold their tension and go out of tune.

try thinker strings or a differnt brand wahat kind are you useing?
gauge and brand?
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yeah, it's a likely squier thing, my squier goes outta tune like that *clicks fingers*

tho ive never had it go outta tune by playing powerchords, though, string bending knocks it straight out lol


also, i agree with 2nd poster, new strings may help
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try thinker strings or a differnt brand wahat kind are you useing?
gauge and brand?

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did u properly stretch them out when u put em on? like bend the **** out of em and retune and repeat??
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G-strings are always pretty naughty. Hehe...

Oooooookay.... now, it is probably a problem with your tuners slipping. It's a squire, so I wouldn't be too surprised if that was the problem. A locking nut may not be the way to go (unless you wanna put an FR into there; not a wise investment decision). A better idea would be to buy locking tuners, a slightly cheaper alternative. It'll certainly be easier to change strings on locking tuners than a locking nut.

But yeah, I've found that G-strings always go out of tune the easiest. Never knew why though.
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did u properly stretch them out when u put em on? like bend the **** out of em and retune and repeat??

Not really, I guess I can give it a whirl.
I can keep my cheap guitar in tune. You gotta stretch those strings. Sometimes you can tighten the tuners, the little screw that holds the knob on with some brands will give some adjustment. And avoid using the wammy on a squire or lower price guitars I just blocked mine did wonders for the tuning stability. The plastic nut used doesnt help with tuning and the string trees can make problems to. The thing with the g-string is guitars originally were made to have a wound not plain string there. Youll notice the top 3 wound ones dont seem to have the tuning issues as the plain strings.
brand new string need time to work in.

wrapping them is important too of course. 2-3 wraps around the tuner. and so on.

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