I'v been playing guitar for almost 7 years now and I'v yet to purchased my second one, And I start thinking about when I hit that 10 year mark of playing.. oooooo~ gives me the shivers


So every1, tell us how far along it was until you purchased your second ELECTRIC guitar after that initial starter upper :P , as well as its model etc, and what really brought you to purchase it in the end!

^__^ Reminiscence away everyone
1 year? xD
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I played for 4 years before I got my second Electric.... I started with an Ibanez Gio starter pack. But finally, I started getting a lot better. I was listening to Dragonforce a lot at the time, and I had some crazy idea that I wanted to shred. So.... Having an Ibanez as my first guitar, naturally I went for the same brand. I got my Ibanez RG320dxqm (rare, not even sure it's authentic) for my birthday. And along with that I got my Marshall MG Crap Wylde stack. So... That was about a year ago, and I don't really play that guitar much anymore. Considering I saved up and bought my Epiphone Les Paul a month later.
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4 years I think.. PRS Standard 24, it was too awesome ^^
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I was playing for 2 years before I got my Peavey HP Signature EXP. My Squier Strat broke, and so did my Squier acoustic. I actually caused the Strat to break, to be honest, and the nut broke on the acoustic. So for a while I was without a guitar, and then I got the acoustic fixed, and then got the Peavey. They carry a lot of Peavey guitars at the local shop, and I was going to get a Jack Daniel's guitar for $450, but I liked the HP better, so I got that instead. Had to wait a little longer to get it, though. And I had to play that with a crappy distortion pedal and amp until I finally got the ME-50 and the Blues Junior.
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my frst was an esteban acoustic, after 6 months i got a strat copy then after another 6 i got an epi g400
does it count if my first guitar was a stagg?(the one in the surfstar pack) if so, 4 months, hagstrom ultra swede