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well basically how much did you pay for your first guitar (electric/acoustic/bass etc) and what was it called...

as for me it is (still my current guitar) an Epiphone Les Paul Custom (White) it was £295...
thanks (oh yeah great forum by the way)
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my special 2 epiphone, think it was about 150/200 euro, i forget
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Squier Affinity Strat - £65 ($130)
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$100.00 on eBay.
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$200. But it came with an amp. Still a crappy guitar and amp, nonetheless.

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strat copy, brand was Excel - 150 bucks with ****ty 10 watt amp...a lot better guitar than you would think, I'm wrote some cool tunes on that guitar but I gave it away.
well my first guitar was (my first OWN guitar) i learnt on my dads acoustic and strat then wanted my own guitar
Nothing! It was a gift from my old music teacher that someone had left at his house and never came back to claim.
i learned on my mom's friends acoustic but i cant remember the brand, then my parents bought me a hastings pack (ughhhhh)

and now i wanna buy a epiphone masterbilt ef-500r
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My grandparents got it for me.

The first time i picked it up, apollo 13 fell from the sky, Led Zeppelin wrote the immigrant song, Black Sabbath was created, US Invaded Cambodia, etc.

Sears Les Paul Copy...about $100 I think. It looked like Jimmy Page's guitar and that's all that mattered at the time.
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ibanez RG120 for $200 brand new

i still play it, and i really like it
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i got mine for free peavey raptor neck was warped to ****....i loved it
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an Epiphone Les Paul Custom (White) it was £295...
thanks (oh yeah great forum by the way)

wow, were did you get one for that price?

i had to pay £340 for mine
$85 some cheap classical guitar
my 1st electric came free with my uncles piano and was a pos
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first bass - super ****ty drive wildfire, $100
first acoustic guitar - epiphone pr-150VS $100
first electric - epiphone les paul special II $100

i cant afford stuff that doesn't suck :'(
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£40 - a Strat knock off brand called Excel.
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My cousin's sponsored, he gave me a PRS Mapletop So, I didn't pay for it.

Still my guitar of choice to this day.
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€80 including a squier sp-10. that would be about $155 right now, then i'd say that it'd be $90 or summat
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I didn't, it was a gift. Although the people who bought it paid £70 and it came with an amp, strap, picks and lead.
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Starter pack from epiphone, came with everything you really need and was like, $150. It came with a standard strat or some ****ty guitar lol.
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friend's old one

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€270. I hate myself. An agathis bodied Ibanez. And I hated myself for selling it to some kid for €175. Something inside of me was screaming "Nooooo, save up for a RG321".
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Some Ibanez starter pack, it sucked. Got it for about 300 euro (3000 Swedish crowns). My first acoustic costed me about 300 euro, but I'm not too happy with it... Tons of buzz.
20 quid. A ****ty acoustic nylon string thing. I loved it

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jackson warrior on the way in $400
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