I actually just found this section in the forums, I usually just read tips and stuff that could come in handy, but I figured it would be nice to actually start contributing something. I love to recieve any positive or negative feedback, you learn more from knowing whats wrong, Thanks. These are some mid -tempo lyrics i wrote when i first started writing:

Voices in my head
I'm not scared enough to say that they're God
But I'm sure they're still wanting something from me
And I'm bound to forget it.

I'm Only human
I'm persuaded by threats

On my knees I'm still begging for demands
I give in
So i can blame my hate on them

I don't want your acceptance
I don't need to be forgiven
Society is god
If they don't want me
Then I don't want Him.

The human race is at too quick a pace
I run as fast as I can just to still get dirt in my face.

But if you stopped for me to catch up.
I'd have to slow down to make you wait.