im in the proccess of looking for my 2nd guitar, and my budget is $500/£250, i play quite a range, mostly rock and alternative really, a bit of punk and metal too

i wouldnt want to buy 2nd hand, so it has to be a new guitar for that price

a guitar im thinking of is the ibanez SA260FM, which appears to be a good guitar, can anyone comment on it?

also, any other suggestions would be welcome, cheers
are you in the UK or USA?
My Beginner setup:
Ibanez rg321mh
Roland Micro cube
im in the UK, i just put dollars on aswell incase some people arent familiar with pounds, i think what i put was roughly right
guitar: squier affinity strat, feel ive 'outgrown' it, thus wanting a new guitar

amp: Laney LG35R, even though it's only a solid state, i feel it's decent, so definately want a new guitar, not amp