so i think we should spread the love and talk about one of a true indie lovers favourite things, the tiny record store with all the real gems of albums in.

Example today i went to my local store and got a promo CD by the jicks.
Found the first Wooden Shjips album and Godspeed's entire back catalogue on vinyl in Soundclash in Norwich a while back, that was pretty cool.

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last time i went record shopping at the record store, not the big ol place, i picked up Candy Apple Grey by Husker Du and White Light/White Heat on vinyl. i almost bought the soundtrack to Mister Lonely, but i was sort of put off because i want to see the film first.
I found the Portraits of Past/Bleed split 7" for 3 bucks in the little record store in Houston.
my local record store has some good stuff but is a bit overpriced imo. o well, it's small business and they need to keep alive. someone in my area holds record sales in his garage a few times a year. i picked up ziggy stardust, rubber soul, and some dave brubeck all for cheap. he was selling abbey road for $22, never played apparently and in great condition, the hole wasn't even scuffed yet. i never bought it though.
I work at a used music store, most of the selection is ****, but I got Psychocandy today at Borders, after having the torrent for a whole.. it's great
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