Check out my bands song, Bullet For You, that we played last at a live show, I think its a really cool finale. Please bear in mind that we've only been together for 6months, and that the drummer and bass player are 13, wheras the two guitarists are 15 and 16. constructive criticism please.

Well, everything sounded pretty darn tight, but it was very hard to hear the vocals. So instead of critting this song, I decided to listen to your version of 18.
I am a huge Alice Cooper fan, and Creed too, and damn, you guys sound pretty darn awsome for as young as you are. And also for only being together for 6 months. Thats pretty cool. I wish I could have had that oportunity to play in front of that many people when I was your age.
But anyway, if you've recorded anything in the studio, I'd love to hear that.

Very very good job!! Good Band!


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