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All intervals?


Minor 2nd
Major 2nd
Augmented 2nd/Minor 3rd
Minor 3rd/Augmented 2nd
Major 3rd/Diminished 4th
Augmented 3rd/Perfect 4th
Perfect 4th/Augmented 3rd
Augmented 4th/Diminished 5th
Minor 5th/Augmented 4th
Perfect 5th
Augmented 5th/Minor 6th
Major 6th
Augmented 6th/Minor 7th
Major 7th
Perfect Octave (8th)/Augmented 7th

And then there are compound intervals (higher than 1 octave) but I won't list those. There's no point.

EDIT: The only ones you really need to know...

Minor 2nd
Major 2nd
Minor 3rd
Major 3rd
Perfect 4th
Diminished 5th/Augmented 4th (Devil's interval/tritone!!!!)
Perfect 5th
Minor 6th
Major 6th
Minor Seventh
Major Seventh
Perfect Octave
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