I can't believe there's not a thread on these guys, they are so awesome. Jimmy Herring is an amazing guitarist. If you haven't heard them you should check them out


And if you can download Hurt No More off the album The Calling. Great song.

My favorite band is Tool.

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Damn, I thought it be some sort of generic scremcorexx but damn was I wrong. I like it alot.
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I've only listened to them through YouTube, but I'm familiar with Jimmy Herring's work in other bands, as well as Oteil Burbridges work in other bands.

Colonel Bruce Hampton, whose lead the band, is quite eccentric. I've listened to his work with Aquarium Rescue Unit as well as with Codetalkers.

I don't own any albums, but I do plan on purchasing some eventually. For now, though, I'll stick to YouTube.