Yeah, well these last past couple of months, I've been hanging out quite a lot in clubs and bars and I enjoy a lot of the music they're playin there, but I dont know any of the titles of these songs and I would like to know if you guys know some of the big hits in clubs right now??
would be appreciated, thxs

p.s.: just to make this clear, I'm a real pure metalhead, but also a real (meloman?)
so dont flame me for enjoying some rap/hiphop or anything like that...
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possible chance of wrong forum+ reported+ instant flaming for liking rap= EPIC THREAD FAIL
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Massari, Sean Paul, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Akon, etc.

They all have some pretty great tunes. Search those in Limewire, and then just expand into related artists.
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well i have been hearing that a hanna montana song has been packing the dancefloor at clubs for the last couple months. metalhead?