i am looking for an amp/guitar for around $1000 each, and although i would prefer to buy a guitar to replace my strat, realisticly an amp would be a better investment to replace my MG50. please only suggest amps on this website as it is the only guitar shop i am planning on visiting when i go to america. if anyone knows about amps with adjustable wattage (so i can use them in the UK) please speak up
A line 6 is always good.
Preferably spider, not flexitone, they are overated and overpriced.
But if you can afford it go for the biggest MG you can buy, they are incredible with crushing overdrive.

for a grand for metal? 5150?
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Peavey all the way... JSX combo or 5150 combo.
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Do you mean you have $2000 to spend in total or $1000 to split between a guitar and amp?

Look at a 5150/6505 combo or a used JSX combo.
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If you find good deals you might be able to get some kind of Mesa. 5150 also works. Carvin v3 used (although it can get fizzy).
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Do you mean you have $2000 to spend in total or $1000 to split between a guitar and amp?

i mean i am saving up $1000 to start off with, and am either going to buy an amp or a guitar with the money. i plan on buying both, its just which to buy first
The B-52 AT-100 stack looks cool. Although everyone around here seems to drool over the Peavey 5150 or 6505.

Uhhh.. Jackson RR3 or Jackson SL3 look cool. Also the 20th anniversary RG's are sweet.
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