For my english class I have to find a film clip that shows someone using non-verbal communication, then explain what the non-verbal communication means. I have no idea what this means can the pit help me with an example or explain what I have too do?

Non-verbal=not talking. i.e. looks.
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Show some people doing sign language?
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Verbal communication = with words
Non-verbal communication = without words

So, gestures, body language, that kind of thing. One of the most important reasons why acting should mean more than just reading a script. I can't think of any specific examples right now, but that's your job anyway
Charlie Chapman or something like that was an old comedian that had no sound.
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<-----that is non-verbal, right away you know what that little icon is doing without it saying a word.

dang, you beat me to it.

if you need to hand in an example, anyone giving finger/s would work.
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Pulp fiction, where Vince steps out of the bathroom to find Bruce poiting a machine gun at him, the little moment they have before he dies is non-verbal communication I think.

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Watch a couple of old silent comedies, stuff like Charlie Chaplin as someone else already said.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=j5lU52aWTJo - not a silent movie, but it's my favourite silent scene ever.
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The whole film isnt like this of course, but in There will be blood, at least like the first 25 mins are non verbal.
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I'm afraid that "Ja, ja, schnell, mehr!" is verbal...

uhm... well, yeah, maybe
Someone saying stupid something and then someone staring at him with a "Stfu" face, which the first guy understands, stops talking and walk away.

That's a good example of common scenes you see in movies.
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