im pretty good at screaming but i use my throat im afraid im going to ruin my throat one day how do u scream with ur diaphragm
Push up on your stomach, until it feels like your flexing your abs/have done a lot of pushups...

By the way, growling thread next time.
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I can't even do it, but I know you're not supposed to use your throat. If you do, you'll mess your voice up. And it probably sounds bad too.
I have a sister that's pretty good at screaming when she gets surprised or... wait.. that's different.

Anyway, I'm not much of a screamer as I prefer clean vocals or growling. I'd recommend learning to sing fairly powerfully and very correctly before attempting distorted vocals. Basically described, screaming vocals result from pushing a mass of air by your vocal chords which causes the to vibrate excessively and actually bend upwards. The key to not destroying your vocal chords is to do this with minimal strain in your throat. That's where your diaphragm comes in:

If you put your hand on your chest and breath in deeply, you'll feel your chest rise. Now breath out hard by pushing your chest back in. You'll find that is incorporates you abs a lot, but it's the rising and dropping of your chest that makes the difference. Doing this in combination with sing or screaming takes practice and time. It should not hurt. And, as I said earlier, the best and safest way is to learn to sing first.
Yes, growling thread....
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