Poll: Stagg L320 or Epiphone Les Paul Special II Anarchy Edition??
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View poll results: Stagg L320 or Epiphone Les Paul Special II Anarchy Edition??
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Anarchy Edition
2 67%
Stagg L320 (or above)
1 33%
Voters: 3.
I'm thinking of buying either a Stagg l320 or upgrade or an epiphone les paul special II, what are people's opinions-considering that the epiphone will be about £20 more expensive than the stagg. thanks
Well, I'm being offered a special II for £90 and my budget is around there. I like to play anything and everything but really like the thick les paul sound and I'm wondering which one is better for the sound.
Get the Special II, it's a quality guitar for the price.

Still love mine even after getting my Strat - it's more playable, has a thinner neck and just plain feels more comfortable. The only thing is you might have to get the electronics fixed sometimes.

I've had to do it twice (I guess a wire came loose or something) and it's sounded even better each time.
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Well the guitar I'm being offered is the anarchy edition-whats the differrence apart from skull design?
forget the stagg, get the epi... that skull looks great (only weird thing is the toggleswitch location.... but it makes it 'special' i guess)
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ive got a stagg and i personally love it...to me it feels better thaqn the epi specal ii

im not saying its a great guitar but in my opinion i prefer the stagg to the epi...plus it looks more like a les paul coz its got the two volume nobs etc.....and the toggle swich is in the right place as well#

this is all in my opinion tho...you should go and try it and see which one you prefer not ppl in a fourm they can only give there opinions youve got to live with it
yes, I definitely like the setup of the stagg-the real les paul look. But I'm not so sure about how the eppy sounds-I havent actually played it yet and haven't plugged it in properly-so thats why I'm asking here. But most of all, what is the difference (apart from the paint job) between the anarchy special edition epiphone and the normal one?
Well, my younger brother owned a Stagg Bass... It wasn't that good of quality and the action was like a trampoline regardless of adjusting the hight of the action...

So with that in mind I'd avoid Stagg unless their higher end stuff is better?

As for Epi, I'm not too sure, I've never been satisfied with their quality same thing for the newer Gibsons too.

I really think epiphones are a hit and miss buy.. I have owned several g400s and all were very good guitars. Ive owned an LP standard.. and honestly my agile 3000 put it to shame.. so I off'd it. I picked up a stagg L400 and its different than the LP standard.. alder is harmonically different than mahogany. pickups seem better in the stagg.. but that may just be the wood talking. What I am saying if you put a few bucks into it you can get it close to a lp copy.. but it still wont compete with a agile al3000. btw I put giovanni gvh1s in the al3000 and it is sonically better than a gibson LP studio.
Stagg and Epiphones that cheap are pure garbage. I would save up until you can get something better.
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