i find after playing bass for about an hour, switching to guitar is alot easier, and i can play smoother. even on drums i have better timing...is this how it is for everyone or am i just crazy?
you could be focusing more on the beat when your playing bass
depending on the song you could be moving around more on single frets
bass is good for scales and stuff
plus the strings are thicker so when you play and then go to guitar you might find it
alot easier to hold the strings down
You're not crazy. Bass develops dexterity and strength in both you forearms which will give you better control over your fingers. As for having better timing, like bassist_metal said, you're probably concentrating on holding the beat while playing bass.
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Practising playing music makes you better at playing music. Warming up your hands helps you use your hands better. I don't know what the big deal is or why the threadstarter is surprised.