Hello all,

I'm shopping for a new guitar (my price cap is ~$700, but lower is always better ) and I need some advice. I generally play older rock -- Beatles type stuff.

Now, my caveat is that I'm a lefty. I'm also limited to what I can get via Guitar Center. As you can see here, their lefty electric selection leaves a lot to be desired.

I had been looking at the Epi LP Custom or the Epi Sheraton. However, the Sheri's lacking of fret markers above 15 and it's relatively jazzy sound makes me think it may not be too suitable for me.

Recently, someone also recommended I take a look at the Fender Standard Tele. I've also noticed that GC has recently added the Hagstrom Swede, and have heard some good-ish things about that.

Now, Guitar Center is about 3 hours away from here and I'd really rather not make the trip until I have some idea of what I'd like to check out (they've told me they'll order two or three guitars for me to play with if I tell them what I'd like to try, as they don't deal with too many Southpaws).

So, my question is this: what's your advice for this? I basically need to be able to narrow it down to a few.

Thanks all!
A semi-hollow would probably best for you. Check out Epi Dots and Gibson ES-335s.
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I've heard some bad things about Dots, and the Gibson ES-335's are neither left handed nor under $700
my advice would be the Epi LP. I have one and love it. Just be sure to take good care of it.
Why's that, if you don't mind explaining? Also, are the Standard Tele's any good?
The Fender Tele or Epi LP are both good recommendation for your price range.
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I might end up going with the Tele then. It's cheaper than all the others too, which is nice
Someone just pointed out that the Tele might be a bit too twangy for my musical habits. Any thoughts?