I just bought a new guitar an i wanna sell my old one but i dont know how much 2 sel it 4.

it is an ibanez, with no picguard, it has scratches where the pic guard would be because of (well, its obvious) picks, it has 22 frets, with tuning pegs and head peice in good contition. The back of it has a few scratches though, pickups came w/ the guitar, their just ibanez, not seymour douncan or anything and it has 5 different channels with a volume control and a tone control.

can anyone help me with the price that this may sell for?
I'm gonna need a model name meng...
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yeah model name please, oh yeah haha Dave Gilmour, i always say i play in drop z tuning when people say oh you should tune down it sounds better, i always say yeah but i'm in drop z so its much lower and owns your tuning bitch!
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