Okay I can barre the first two strings on the first fret with no problem...It's just I ALWAYS mute the second string once I put my second finger on the third on the secondfret..My god it SUCKS! I can ring out the third string when I play it while my finger is on the second fret, same goes with the first string when I'm barreing it on the first first..It's just like, my skin under my second finger mutes the second string!

Audio Clip of me playing it:


I have a stuffed up nose due to allergies, so that's why I sound like that
try barreing(or whatever) the whole 1st fret?
It's easier this way as it is shown(faster) but it really depends on how you get used to it.
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haha, nice spaz-out.

Your finger is too flat, turn it so it pushes the string down from a perpendicular angle. Same force over a smaller area so you won't have to push down as hard either
Use your finger tips for the G and D string. Continue to use your first finger for E and B strings like you are. This was prolly the hardest chord for me to learn back when I was a beg.
What Potski said.

You could also play an Fmaj7, just omit the first string. It's (obviously) not 100% correct, but it's easier to do until you can play barre chords well.

Yeah, I hate to play that fingering, it's a pain in the butt.
cutting your nails aways help

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a good rule is to always make sure your fingers are like pointing straight up, and basically only use your finger tips to press down the strings, don't get lazy and use like half of your finger to hold it down..you'll get bad habits...
I had trouble with F till I started barring the whole first fret. Then place your 2nd and 3rd fingers properly and strum the top 4 strings. Much easier!
if u stretch out your fingers it'll help with gettin all your fingers down where they need to be. then its just getting used to it.
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