I know that PRS has a series of guitars similar to Squier and Epiphone, the SE series. Would a guitar like the PRS SE Custom be as good, better, or worse than Ibanez, ESPs, Schecters, and Jacksons of the same price? I would think worse, but I posted a poll with all these guitars and the PRS SE won by a longshot. Can someone clarify?
I had a PRS SE singlecut and its a pretty good versatile guitar. They all have the same pickups (apart from the P90 fitted ones). A good all rounder, the SE custom is comparable to to all the above guitars cuz PRS build all their guitars in america, so if they decide to build them in korea they are very good quality!
The SE series guitars are very good and would recomend them i have played on most of the models and never seen a bad one they are very good for the money
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They're basically the corresponding PRS model without the nice custom features such as carved tops, AAAA-grade flame/quilt maple tops, the PRS signature inlays, etc., and made in Korea (with very tight quality control). They all have the same (very good) pickups other than the P-90 models and the Allender signature model. I'm looking to buy the semi-hollow model.