Iv Been looking at a new cab for my Valveking and the marshall 1936 has caught my eye simply cause I can get it for £220 new but is this really worth it or is it just cheap crap??

I mostly play Classic rock and like newer metal, proper heavy stuff so i need somthing that wont bottem out with loads of distortion and is quite clear, it would be very nice too have some good cleans but would this be suited for my style??

Cheers =D

Ohh and please dont tell me how i dont need a half stack
If it has the GT12-75s in it, it will work fine for newer metal. I don't care for the GT12-75s for classic rock.

Its a quarter stack bro.
The G12-75s should sound great for both Classic Rock and Metal.

You do know it's a 2x12 right?
Yeahh I wrote it wrong sorry, just basically i mean like i dont need people saying that you only need combos.