ok well i am about 2 weeks away from buying my new schecter c-1 blackjack atx. but then this guy from school calls me and is selling his ibanez RG1570. well he cant find anyway to buy it because its a lefty and im like the only person he can find that is even left handed. now its a $900 guitar. and it seems pretty nice but i have no experience with it. he is willing to give it to me for $400!!!! and its pretty much still newly used like. there no dents no nothing. its in perfect condition. now im stuck cuz one i could spend $400 dollars on a guitar or i could spend $715. cuz thats how much the schecter is. so i need yours guys opinion lol cuz im pretty sure from reivew and stuff that this is a really nice guitar and for 4oo dollars its a steal. so. wat shoudl i do???!!!!
in your situation id personally go for the ibanez.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
Yea get the Ibanez.

1. Its a great deal
2. its not easy finding good lefty guitars for such a low price
3. its an Ibanez!

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