Just joined this forum but I've been lurking for a while now.
So I'm semi new to playing guitar for the past probably year or so I played bass but I'm getting more interested in guitar so for the past probably 4 or 4 months I've been slowly teaching myself guitar also.

I feel its time I buy an electric guitar cause I've outgrown the acoustic I've been practicing on(this past week I've been messing around on my cousins electric so I wanna pick an elec up now)

Anyways, down to the point, I'm not sure which type of guitar I should go for I kind of wanted somthing vintage because some vintages have a reallllly nice sound, but a lot of the good vintages can get expensive....

I was just surfing around and I found a nice semi hollow Ibanez Artcore AS73 Electric Guitar for a bout 225, I think they retail for about 350 dollars, does anyone think I should pick this up or is there another option I should lean towards?

-Thanks for the info/help!
Wrong Forum bro. Try the electric guitar forum. This is for people who are selling.

But yeah, the Artcore is nice, as are the epiphone dots. Or even a telecaster perhaps?
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Woops sorry about that!

Thanks for the info!
I'll just copy this thread to the elec forum then