I recently bought some Dunlop strap locks for my Strat. Well, the screws were much bigger than the original hole. The bottom lock went in fine. The top one has a stripped head. I was able to get the screw in almost all of the way, maybe 1/2 cm of a gap between the strap lock head and the body of the guitar. The head wiggles slightly. Is this okay? The screw seems pretty sturdy. I'm worried that because the head wiggles, it might put too much stress on the screw.
best to have it all the way in.

un screw it and try again perhaps?

moral of the story: shouldve bought schallers
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
pull the strap button up if theres enough room to get under it use some needle nose plyers to turn the screw, if not they make ools for removing screws, or sacrafice a screwdriver and u a dab of superglue on the end and glue the tip onto the screw.