Wasn't bad, I liked it. Like you said, obviously no Chester but being one of my favorite songs off of the new album, I give you one and a half-bent thumb up.
does that song actually last 1:30? anyway, good joob

Nah, I only did the first verse and chorus. Didn't wanna butcher it too much :p

Pretty good. I don't know the song but that part where I'm assuming it was the chorus, the vocals definitely sounded a little flat. The verse sounded good though.

Thanks for the constructive crit!

Guitar sounded really good, but I didn't really like the vocals, I'm not saying you cant sing, It just sounds like your not conformtably singing this song, you should try and find a song that is within your range, and chesters is definatly not an easy range! but you did good!
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Definitely a little nasally and definitely flat during the chorus. It sounds pretty good overall though, good work.
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