After two years of fantasizing and trying to get one, I finally have the chance and financial opportunity to get a guitar! I've been going back and forth on getting a starter pack but it recently occurred to me today that instead of doing so I should get a pretty good beginning guitar and get a really good amp for the same amount I'd spend on a beg. starter pack (which would be $350 max)

Cutting to the chase, I saw at guitarcenter.com that they have Peavey guitars for two hundred bucks, and that is a potential direction I'm leaning in. My question is for Peavey guitar players or people who've at least played them, and it's this: are Peavey guitars good guitars to start off with and do they have good beginner brand guitars?

I'm also leaning towards Ibanez or Dean, and I've heard tons of stuff about both brands. But because I'm kind of like Peavey, I was wondering what a more experienced guitarist's takes on them were. Any help would be appreciated!
I've played a few Peavey guitars. One of them was around $1200 bucks. I really didn't like it. There was too much plastic for my taste, and it felt kind of cheapy.

It also only had 22 frets and had a bolt on neck...which I don't like, but those two are preferences. For $1200, it wasn't worth it to me.

I have an Ibanez S-Series and I love it...it's one of the greatest guitars I've played. The Floyd Rose is licensed, but it's the best one I've played, far out performing the licensed Floyds that some of my Jacksons have had.

Another option would be to check out the PRS SE series of guitars. They are also very well made and I was very impressed with them. I had a tobacco sunburst SE Singlecut and it was great...it came stock with a JB/Jazz setup when I picked it up for guitar center for about $450.

Anyway, that's just my advice...do a little shopping around stores and then see if you can find something cheaper on a site like Musicians Friend.
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I have two Peavey guitars. I bought my first one as my first guitar, a HP Signature EX. I loved this one so much that I went a step up to the EXP version.

For $218 (list of $299) the EX is outstanding! I play it to this very day and actually favor it over the more expensive version. The color of the EX was not to my liking at first but now I love gold tops!

Take a long look at any of the HP's before making a decision. I'm glad I did These guitars have a tone all their own. On the rythum pickup, you get that LP humbucker sound. Switch to the lead, and you get a blend of a Fender and LP that is very unique. It will never get that true Strat twang but then again, that is what Fenders are for .

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