Hi, first off, I'm new here, been using the site for tabs for years but never posted on the forum before, so hope i'm posting in the right place

The reason i'm here is because i'm thinking of upgrading my FX pedal. i currently have a Zoom GFX8 and its done me well over the years, but think its time for something newer and a little higher quality and i was just wondering what people would recommend for a decent multifx pedal, for around the £200 mark (that's about $400 for the americans)

i also have a digitech WH4 Whammy
Ever consider buying $400 of separate stompboxes of the effects that you really need/want?
i've considered it but i like to play around with all sorts of different sounds. first bought the multi fx pedal when i was really into incubus, mike einziger uses loads of different sounds and i don't think i could afford to get all the things i'd want as separates, though i know i'd get better sounds out of them and better control.

also i'm not really sure about powering them all and what not. Would i need a separate power adapter for each pedal, or is there a way to run a whole pedal board off a single power source?

there's also the consideration of space, seems sensible for me to just have one unit, i'm not in a band or anything so its just for playing on my own or occasionally jamming with a few friends

oh and another thing, in the example of someone like mike from incubus, if you're using separate pedals is there a way to have it set up so you can have multiple pedals controlled by one footswitch, say for example in the song pardon me i think it uses phaser and delay for the intro and verses and just distortion for the chorus, so would i be able to have it so one button would turn off the phaser and delay and turn on the distortion?

sorry if some of this is a bit noobish, i'm not really heavily into all this stuff, just like to play around a bit
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found this on the zoom site, i'm guessing that's the upgraded version of what i have now, anyone know if its any good?
the higher end zoom mfxs are very good, especially their flagship, the zoom g9.2tt. ive tried the G7.ut and i loved it.
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