so im sellin my line 6 spider so im wondering now that i basically know that im gonna have like 6 to 10 pedals and since im new to the whole pedal board thing (i've only had 3 in my whole 3 years of playin and just keep em on the floor) im wondering if there any really good pedal boards at GC? i am in a band but we dont tour or anyhing but i would like for the board to have some sort of case. and also does the board supply power to the pedals or do you still have to un plug em to save battery life? BTW i would pefer that the bourd didn't cost over like $250 max.
And these are the pedals im gonna buy so im wondering if they seem good for what they do? may buy more as time goes on so that y i said 6-10

Boss Ch-1 Chorus Pedal

Boss DD-7 digital delay

Electro-Harmonix Micro POG Polyphonic Octave Generator Pedal (12 strig thingy)

Korg pitchblack Chromatic Pedal Tuner

and i already have a Boss ds-1 distortion and a dunlop cry baby and a busted ibanez chorus thingy dont know y i haven't thrown it out lol
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I built my own a few years back. Its really simple, just make sure to fasten them pretty securely, I used velcro and it works pretty well although it starts to lose some of its holding force after a while. Its made of wood, and its hollow so I can push the cables back inside it during transportation.

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Don't get one of the new boss Chori (plural of chorus???)! They are pretty dismal. Look into picking up the CE-2 or the current Ibanez chorus. If your looking to get 12 string sounds you should definitely get the full sized POG, much nicer for those sounds with the extra controls.

Also, for boards, you can't go wrong with pedaltrain. I would look into either the Junior or the 2.
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as bleeddeathmetal said, don't get a boss chorus, and if you're getting a decent amp you won't really have much use for the ds-1
ehx small clone is my personal favorite chorus
oh and a great pedalboard that i bought:
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