Ok, well I'm in two minds at the moment, as I don't know what to go for, for my second guitar. I basically play every genre, from blues, funk, rock, punk, classic metal (not a fan of the new metal), jazz, surf, etc... and am always making my own riffs, so basically I'm looking for a guitar with really versatile tone and character. I'm not looking to copy someone else's sound as I want my own.
Anything would be a good upgrade from my crappy Fender Squier Affinity atm, too. I have a Marshall MG100DFX amp, which, apart from the sludgy distortion (which I've fixed through an EQ) actually serves me well.

After doing a bit of research and trying out various guitars at my local guitar store, Gibsons just don't feel right for me , so if you could recommend any Fender guitars that would be appropriate for me, I would appreciate it.

Price range = $0 (would be nice :p - $900 - AUD... which is like up to $800-850 USD. Don't mind second hands from e-Bay or whatnot (my friend's bought a guitar from there and all was well).

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I'd say either go for a Mustang, Jaguar, or a Telecaster. They all fall within your budget range.

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Yeah, funny that I've actually been heavily considering a Jaguar.

But, as the saddles on the bridge are a bit weak, if I change the strings (using .10's at the moment) to .12's to make them fit better, won't they make them harder to bend?
2nd Hand Strat i'd say.

I got a 2nd hand Mexican one for £250.
The best buy of my life.
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Strats usually go up a notch when you want to make your own sound, or find it:

- They react well to any kind of effect\pedalboard, and shine through an amp with a good clean.

- They can handle any style as long as you have good electronics in it. And the way they're made they give you the best of both worlds: easy string switch & a vibrato.

For your budget I strongly recommend the highway one strat, approx. 300 bucks less than the american std, but still MADE IN THE USA, their pickups are a little hotter than the std ones, their finish lets the natural sustain shine through, so they should give you that high-gain edge lacking with a stock usa std. The only downside (that is just cool to my opinion) is that the finish will wear somewhat quicker than a strat with a solid finish, if you like vintage-looking instruments or not is your call.
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I don't mind vintage looking... for me, sound comes first and then second are the looks/colors.

What do you guys think of the re-issues?
the 12's will be harder to bend and such but higher gauge strings ultimately give you much better tone
why not broaden your search onto more than just fender or gibson?

personally tho, id get one of the strats
Quote by kaosfire
why not broaden your search onto more than just fender or gibson?

personally tho, id get one of the strats

Because I'm a sucker for brand, and feel that some of the other guitars specialize too much... i.e Jacksons and Ibanez's for metal.

I used to think once that it was a waste of money paying for name, but don't worry, I've tried some of those other low-budget guitars and they weren't very good, I must say...