Does anybody know of a wha similar to this one, but actually in circulation? I'm looking for that John Frusciante style tone, but I can't really pay the $375 they want for one on ebay. I have a really cheap Vox wha, and it's not really doing the job. And the fact that it's halfway broken doesn't really help either.
But yeah, suggestions would be nice. Gracias
alright then, suggestions on a crybaby? I looked at guitarcenter and there were like 15 different models
yeah, cause a crybaby sounds a lot like a wh-10

try listening to clips of this wah. or the stereo version of it (go back to the main page and find it yourself). the guy who reviewed the stereo version in the ultimate wah threadsays it does a pretty good wh-10 sound. never tried it, but from the clips and his testimony id say it could be worth a shot.