I have been wanting to upgrade from my gt-10 crate practice amp.
It came in a starter pack i was looking at either the crate flexwave 65/112 for $300
or a used marshall mg-30 for $150 used.I don't have any way to try them because
the nearest guitar store is 45 miles away. I have an ibanez rg4 and play mostly
classic rock and some metal.Has anyone had any experience with these amps?
or any suggestions on a better one my budget is $300-$350

..Also i was wondering what is so bad about the spider amps it seems like everyone hates them?

edit: i also can only play at low volume. At the max I am maybe 4 feet from my amp
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my advice is to get a different amp than either of those. they might seem good for a while but then you'll figure out what "tone" really is.
and spiders are way to electronically altered sounding to me
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Don't get a the MG or Flexwave.

Do get a tube amp.
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Yeah, I have an old MG-30 that I use as a practice amp, and it's a pile. save up
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look on ebay or craigslist and you will probably find something good for that money.
or just get a roland cube
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if you have to get an mg, get the 250dfx one.. otherwise dont get one.
ok so those 2 are crap any suggestions on a decent one?
I would love to save up and get a really nice one but even if i get more money
it needs to go to gas/insurance/college so 350 is pretty much my total limit
and don't you need to put tube amps loud to get a good tone? i need an amp that sounds good quiet
For tube tone, used Palomino V16, Old used crate VC2110, used Peavey Classic 30, used Crate V18 combo. You see the pattern. (Used 30 watts or less.) You may need an OD pedal for the some metal. Used is the best way to get the most for your money.

For SS tone, new Roland Cube 30. Really, on any budget it's your best bet for a practice SS amp... (No flaming - it's my opinion).

Hybrid - I have only tried the Line 6 Flextone. It was ok but for the money, I would go another way. I don't like or need a ton of effects on an amp. (Flame shield up).

You are in a remote area, so you will have to do some travel to test drive any of them and please be ready to drive all that way home if you aren't crazy about it. Good luck.

Edit: all these amps sound good at low volume.
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