I've been looking to buy an Ibanez guitar but I'm not sure which one, I have chosen four guitars that I'm trying to decide between. I play metal, rock and blues so I would like something a bit diverse. Also I live in a small town with a music store for miles so I can't try them out.

Ibanez ARX320



Neck: ARX neck
Neck Type: ARX (set-in)
Body: Mahogany body w/Quilted Maple top
Frets: Medium frets
Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood
Inlay: ARX Special
Bridge: Gibraltar III bridge
NeckPU: ACH1-S neck pu
BridgePU: ACH2-S bridge pu
HW Color: CH

Ibanez RG350EX


Wizard II neck
3pc. maple neck material
Basswood body
24 jumbo frets
Bound rosewood finger board
Edge III bridge
IBZ INF3 (H) neck PU
IBZ INFS3 (S) mid PU
IBZ INF4 (H) bridge PU
Sharktooth inlay

Ibanez SA260FM



Body Mahogany, Flamed Maple Top
Neck 3-Piece Maple, SA Style
Machine Heads Sealed
Fingerboard Rosewood
Frets 22 Medium Frets
Controls Volume, Tone, 5-Way Switch
Pickups IBZ True-Duo 3-Coil (Bridge), AHS1 (Neck), AHS2 (Middle) Single Coils
Bridge SAT Pro Tremolo
Hardware Chrome
Pickguard none
Scale Length 25.5"
Case Not Included
Included Accessories none
Other Features Matching Flamed Maple Headstock

Ibanez SAS Flamed Trans Grey - SAS36FMTGS



3pc SA neck
Flamed Maple top/Mahogany body
Medium frets
SAT30S bridge
AS2 (S) neck pu
AS2 (S) mid pu
AH4 (H) bridge pu

If you have anymore suggestions for a guitar under 600 feel free to say them. Thanks

Edit: Another thing, the Edge III on the RG I heard some bad things about which makes me kinda iffy on buying it but it seems to be the best out of them, it is really that bad?
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One of the last two would probably be the most useful for you, since the HSS configuration allows you to play a wide range of music. I see that neither two have an FR trem system, though. That makes me think that a Fat Strat would be a much better alternative for you, especially if it has 22 frets. Look into some Yamaha Pacificas, the higher-ended ones. You can always replace the bridge pup if it isn't heavy enough for you.

Otherwise, you could just go for the RG, which seems like an excellent choice for you. The HSH config is highly versatile and it even has a locking trem, if that's what you're looking for.
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Was trying to see if Axemusic had any LTD EC400's available,, would be worth checking out if you can.

Of the models you listed, decide if you want a floating bridge or not, it would narrow down your options.

I like the first two out of the 4 you listed, didn't like the bridge in the S Ibanez I had previously.

Also look at the PRS SE guitars on the same site, price isn't listed but they are nice and versatile as well, check to see if they're in your price range.
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