is this off key?

the song is in the key of E, i used the Petatonic Blues Minor scale for this
There isn't an F# in Em Pentatonic, but it is in E Natural Minor, so yes it's in E Minor.

Meh...good enough Iguess lol

It's in straight up E minor.

(also, don't say the key of E. "Key of E" implies E major. If it's minor, say minor. Just a bit of a syntax problem)
8th fret, G string is out of key.

Em is:

E F# G A B C D E
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Quote by GetOutOfMyYard
8th fret, G string is out of key.

Em is:

E F# G A B C D E
Assuming you meant D string, holy crap, I didn't catch that.

Riff's still in E minor, with an accidental Bb.
Because diatonic/key based music is teh pwnzorz, one, two, or 5 notes being out of key doesn't mean crap.
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