A local pawnshop has a working one for $45, I'm thinking about getting it.I just wanted to know what the purpose of the gain control?I always thought that gain = distortion.
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the gain is more of a gain boost, won't give you a br00tal distorted sound.
When you use the EQ to boost/cut freqs it will affect the output strength of the signal. The gain control compensates for the difference. Adjust the gain so the volume level is the same with the pedal on and off. Ooorrrrr.....you can use it as a clean signal boost for leads, I.E turn the gain up and only turn on the pedal when you solo. Thats a great price........buy it. Outboard EQ is really handy.
i have one and irok660 said it perfectly. also if you turn up the gain too much it starts to clip the signal and the lights blink telling you to back off. that is a steal at 45$.