I don't know if a thread has been made about the Stone Roses because I am new so I apologise if there has been. Anyone else love the Stone Roses? I am young so unfortunatley I was only like 4 or so when they broke up but I absolutely love the records they made (even if they made so little of them).
I think there is already a thread. I am really into the stone roses at the moment.

Their songs are great to play on guitar too, Second coming is full of guitar wankery (in a good way), Squire was great.
Stone Roses


However if you like TSR you might like these guys aswell http://www.myspace.com/therulingclassuk awsome new band i really like them
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oh wait, this isn't a slipknot concert..


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Absolutely love the Stone Roses. Cant work out whether John Squire is overrated or underrated as a guitarist though.... I really like his playing, but my non-guitar playing friends rate him as up there with Hendrix LOL I dont even bother arguing with them....