How are they in general. I have a marshall avt 412 its a compact cab and it doesn't sound that great. Would a standard size b-52 be any better than this? The marshall is made outta crappy wood I dunno bout the b-52.
i have a compact 412 crate cabinet. i bought a b-52 at-100 head. i couldn't afford the cabinet at the same time due to christmas, wife and kids come first. so i used the crate for a while. i got the b-52 ST-412 because it has celestion vintage 30's. there is no comparison between the two. first the celestion are world class. second it is a full size cabinet. the web site says the cabinet is made out of 13 ply plywood, i don't know but it weighs just as much as a marshall or a standard mesa cabinet. check the specs online for yourself. when it came on the ups truck last year the cardboard box was almost gone. i could see the cabinet through the missing parts of the box. on top of that the ups man delivered to the next door neighbor. when i went to tell him i saw him rolling my cabinet down the stairs. it was slow but still it was rolling. i thought the worst.not so my friend. the cabinet was not even scratched and it was as sturdy as any i have ever played through. i sat on it, i turned it on all corners and found this cabinet to be built very solid.not even a squeak. i don't gig. i play at home. when i first plugged in it sounded kinda small, but the more i play the better this thing gets. i guess speaker break in has alot to due with that. for $599.00 i just dont see how you could go wrong. there is also the AT-100 that is a little less expensive but i wanted the vintage 30's. hope that helps.