Im going off to college as a music major, which requires an acoustic guitar. I have 4 guitars and a bass guitar, however, they're all electric. I know a great deal about electric guitars but I have a limited knowledge about which acoustic guitars are worth buying. Can anybody give me some ideas for an acoustic guitar that I can use for college that isnt expensive? ($300 range)
If im going to have to start playing classical and jazz at a college level im going to need something that is good quality but not expensive.
Any help would be great.
Would you be looking for a classical guitar?
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The classical guitar has a much more thicker neck. It doesn't have a pickguard, because its designed for finger plucking instead of picking.

The acoustic has a medium sized neck. Its slightly thicker than the electric, but much more thin than a classical guitar. It can be used for finger plucking and picking.

The acoustic is much more versatile. As well, its better for people who are used to the electric, although it is still an adjustment.

I can't really give you a specific model, because really, in my opinion, almost all acoustic guitars look, feel, sound similar. But there's some good brands like Gibson, Martin, Yamaha, Larivee, Guild, Alvarez, Taylor... there's many brands. Some of these companies are more expensive than the other, but I guarantee that whatever the price may be, they're very similar in quality. Try to go for an acoustic around $400-$800.
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Well thank you all for your input. Its all been helpful and I now know what I should be looking for.
if you are going to be playing classical music at a college level, i would think you need a classical (nylong strung) guitar.