Here's two instrumental Hendrix covers.
Castles made of sand and Like a rolling stone, Although its a bob dylan song it's played more as the hendrix version of the song a la monteray etc. Again apologies for the quality and I should've used a metronome but perhaps you'll enjoy despite.
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nice covers, was the choppy beginning to castles made of sand intentional, or were you just having trouble?
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i like your cover of castles made of sand a lot. that is a hard hendrix song and one of the best. it sounds like you added some of your own stuff to it too. what amp did you use for that cover?
its a jaguar special played through a 15 watt pos marshall and into my tiny logitech microphone and recorded in windows sound recorder.
I'm listening to it all again and I'm like ugh the timing hurts and the quality is terrible so i think i'm going to redo them once i get better programs/microphone/etc within the next week or so and add some new stuff in the meantime.
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