so pit, i used the searchbar, and one kinda useless thread showed up.

i've always been enthralled with traditional irish music. i already play tin whistle and a number of other traditional celtic instruments, but i have yet to learn violin. my sister plays, and we have an extra violin besides her main one, but to be honest, she's quite awful, so i'd rather teach myself. does any pit monkey who plays violin have good advice to start out with? btw, i am prepared to sound like crap and be out of tune all the time for when i start.
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Being able to hear pitch is important on an instrument like violin where you don't have any sort of frets. You're likely to sound quite ****tay when you start out. Practice playing with a tuner a lot until you've got specific note intonations down.

I've not played violin but I discovered a similar concept during my years of trombone study.
violin turner, violin books, and some little stickers to place on your fretboard to mark where to place your fingers and a lot of practice.
You must get a teacher. Violin is definitely something you cannon teach yourself. Posture and everything is incredibly intricate, and if you don't have it down right you won't be able to improve in the future.
yeah you need lessons, it's possible to learn yourself, but it is extremely uber difficult and will take 10 times a long.
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Something ive never understood with violin is why cant they just paint the frets on there?
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because than the whole fretboard would be painted, there is many notes that are in the middle of two normal note placements