Hey everyone, Ive got a Peavey 6505+ which is brand new (only been used for a few hours) it is in the original box with manual, leads and footswitch. Also I have a Marshall MF400 cab which is in good condition (just 2 scratches on the top of it) Im looking to sell both of them together for around £800. I may take offers or sell them individually.

Also, I have other gear such as pedals, cabs and other parts for sale, PM me if your interested.

Thanks for looking!
You have a 6505 and you want to sell it? I'm dying trying to save up enough money for one..

It was the only task I would undertake...

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How much is that in USD?

More than buying one new
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More than buying one new

Yeah probably and it would cost too much to ship it anywhere internationally. This ad really, is only for people in the U.K, as its not worth the money and hassle to send it anywhere but here!
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Location in UK?

I live about 20 miles away from Norwich, Norfolk in a small town called Cromer.
I thought it would be best if i upload some pictures of the amp, so here they are!

I'd take £750 for just the 6505+ on its own, without the cab. And £200 for just the MF400
I'm looking for a 1959 Fender Bassman RI so if anyone would consider a trade or anything let me know and I will probably accept a lower price if someone makes me an offer!
Bump. Now im just looking desperate
I will sell head/cab seperately and probably for a lower price that i originally posted.
what is the lowest possible price you could go to ? PM me if youd prefer not to disclose before offers are made lol