ive been needing to update my equipment and i idk what kind of amp to get i need a good gig amp for around 300 - 500 dollars... any suggestions?
what kinda gig? big ? small? coffeeshop? drummer involved?

as far as we know, you're opening for the RHCP with this amp.
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for under $500, i say used amps are your best option. look at Ampeg, Ashdown, Carvin, Eden, Fender, GK, Hartke, Peavey, SWR, and Trace Elliot. that should keep you busy a while. i'm not a fan of Crate, for gigging bass amps, and there are some new comers on the block such as Line 6, and Warwick but the jury is still out on those, imo. and if you happen across a Mesa Boogie, or MarkBass in your price range, buy it.
Hartke and Carvin make the best gigging amps, IMO. That's only if you like the sound of them, though.
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well, you could go vintage, and try to find a good old bass amp on ebay like i did.
I use a Fender BXR300c and am perfectly happy with it.