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While browsing MusiciansFriend, I noticed that when buying pickups, you have to choose between regular spacing and F-spacing. What the heck is the difference!?

Also, i own a BC Rich Beast. Would this be F-spaced or regular-spaced?

All help is much appreciated.

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F-Spacing refers to "Fender Spacing" which is the size of the bridge they use (You know, the spacing between strings at the bridge)

I'm not sure what your B.C. Rich guitar would be, but Fenders and guitars with Floyd Roses both have F-Spaced pickups.
You could simply buy a high output dimarzio or duncan to put in the bridge, trash all the rest, put a single volume knob, and rock the fu*ck out of it. Those guitars are made mainly to do that, don't hope for cleans or anything else.

By the way, if your guitar is routed with a les paul-style bridge, buy a standard pickup, if it's got anything looking like a whammy or a strat solid tailpiece buy an f-spaced one, end of the line :p.
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they already described the f-spaced pickups. measure the distance your current bridge pickup from the first to the sixth pole piece. if it's 2 1/16'', it's f-spaced.

most probably, if your nut is 43mm, it's f-spaced. if not, its regular spaced. if your looking at Dimarzios, they refer to the f-spaced pickups as F-Spaced. if Duncans, they refer to it as Trembuckers.
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