The other day on a family vacation at Kings Island in Ohio I played one of those cheep little two-person games in which you use a water gun to shoot a target till a little cartoon caracter rises to the top of a pole and I won four times and spent 5 bucks for a cheap 60$ electric guitar.

It wasn't name-brand or anything but I got it just for the hell of it and to play it in the hotel that night and impress my girlfriend.

Anywho, I thought the pit might want to discuss guitars they didn't buy or recieve because they sounded awesome or were of high quality, but more for just the hell of it and because you can't have too many guitars....

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hey could you get a pic of this novelty guitar? what does it look like?
i tried to win one of those but it was ring toss on bottles and we tried 3 times with 60 rings and it was impossible to even get one
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I'm lucky, I haven't had to pay for either of my guitars.
Both were birthday presents, a Fender Squier Mini for my tenth birthday or so, and my Squier Stratocaster, full size, for my 16th I think..
Be happy you beat the carnival ppl.


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I was damn close to winning one at a fair last year, I plan on trying again this year. I really wanna win a no-name, piece of **** Strat knockoff and fix it up massively.
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i've got a lapsteel for my birthday, it's like from 1965 and came with a killer cord that i use for my regular guitar
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That's strange. Just yesterday my brother came home from wonderland with on of those small acoustic guitars you can win at the ring toss game. I tried playing it but the string would detune if you played it, and if you turned the tuning peg just slightly the pitch would change dynamically.
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OMG! smile_man, that was amazing.
My friend got one at ring toss once. For 5 bucks it wasnt bad, haha. It was an acoustic and he didnt have one yet so He played it for a while, taking it places that you wouldnt take a good guitar. Then one day, he was playing in his ambient sideproject. and at the end of one song he grabbed the guitar from behind his stack and proceeded to smash it on the ground. It was pretty funny/awesome.
My grandpa gave me an old Del Ray acoustic years ago. The top is warped and the bridge is screwed and it sounds like crap. The tuners are rusted out and the A tuner is bent so it's impossible to turn!
got some tiny old guitar with a built in speaker that doesn't work the best. It is really small though so nice for traveling. Probably would sound ok with a tune up, my friend's grandma bought it at some yard sell then he left it at my house.
Haha, i've seen those there before. The games are so crazy expensive though. I'm sorry to hear that you're vacationing in Ohio though. Not much to do..
I have one with a neck that's coming off the body at the neck joint. It's 20 some odd years old.
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I've got a Fender Strat copy before from a Ring Toss.

I'm actually surprised to see that it plays good.

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Haha, i've seen those there before. The games are so crazy expensive though. I'm sorry to hear that you're vacationing in Ohio though. Not much to do..

haha yeah. We live in WV so its the least expensive place to drive. But anyway, I didn't really beat the carnival people out, I played my girlfriend 4 times and told her if she loved me she'd lose so I could win the guitar. lol.

They had acoustic, electric, and little mini acoustics.