Hey guys, ive had an Ibanez grg170dx for about a year now. I can play allmost ever soad song easily, lamb of god, disturbed, etc.

im thinking of upgrading to an ibanez xiphos. im also thinking of upgrading my amp, but i'm not sure what one to get.

please tell me if u think i should or shouldnt. thanks.
i think you should put some good money into an amp first. what do you have now?
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What's your current amp? Odds are, you need to upgrade that much more than you need to upgrade your guitar.
As far as upgrading your amp goes, I think that comes down to just when you need to. When your current amp no longer fulfills your requirements, you change it. Perhaps you need one with more power for larger gigs, perhaps you want a new tone. If your current amp though is both giving you a tone you like and is sufficiently powerful enough, I don't see much point to change.

As far as changing guitar goes, I think it's just whenever you feel you would benefit from another guitar. Nobody can tell you when this is, and there are no set rules or even just guidelines. If you feel you would benefit from a new guitar (or hey, perhaps you just like the look of a new one), then I say go for it. It's really just on your conscience whether you can justify it or not. Nobody else can tell anyone whether or not they should or shouldn't get a guitar.
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yeah, you need to upgrade amp more, i know somebody that's got that guitar, and it's a fairly nice guitar.

And look at it this way, that guitar would sound a lot better through a good amp, then a good guitar, with your amp now (just assuming it's not that good, hahaha).