HELP!!! I just got M-Powered Pro Tools, and am unable to get anything to record. I have a Line 6 Spider III 212, and am using an M-Audio Fast Track as hardware. I have my guitar plugged into input 1 on my amp, then have the POD/Direct Out plugged into the M-Audio Fast Track, which is in turn hooked into my computer by USB. I have followed all the rules for recording on Pro-Tools, I have mono selected, have direct line 1 selected, record ready, etc. etc. etc., however, when i press the magic spacebar to begin recording, I get a flat line on my screen, meaning no sound. Will someone offer some advice to a Pro-Tools noob such as myself?
i dont use protools, but i record via USB.

you may have to install some drivers, or select the USB interface as line in from your volume control planel.
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ive installed all the drivers and have selected line in for my external thingamabob
so, what has your amp got to do with anything?

guitar to hardware to computer?

or gutiar to amp to hardware to computer?
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so are you using your amp as a pre amp? or as a monitor?

try going gutiar to hardware, see if you get any signal

(just to eliminate the amp being the problem)
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so what, would i be recording dry then? from there, how would i get any tones put on the guitar?
yes, try it dry,

if it works dry, tehn we know that you have to change something with your amp.
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what hardware interface are you useing? is that pro tools as well?
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so are you getting any input through into your computer?? even with the M-audio bundled software?
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none at all, like, i can monitor how it will sound through the M-Audio thing, but nothings is actually going into the computer
well then, thats what you have to figure out,

you need dto get your interface working.

dunno if theres any guides around for it specifically, but thats definately the prob.

is there an output level on there? because the interface is getting your gutiar and processing it, but not putting it out the other end.

or it is, and the computer isnt recognising it.

you do have your computer speakers turned on right? lol
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hah, yeah, the speakers are on right, if there was any audio, it would visually show it, which it isn't, and the output level is cranked all the way, but ive tried it at every position, so i guess i should probably just give Geek Squad a call
yeah, there should even be set up instructions with the interface maybe..
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make sure you go into the ProTools prefs and set the recording and playback to your new interface.

Factor out as many things as you can in the chain and try different settings when it comes to the interface and software.

I tried m-powered protools once and just didn't like it much. I run Sonar but its all fairly similar when it comes down to it all. Set everything up for your new hardware making sure you have the latest drivers installed from the m-audio site.

Try plugging in a dynamic mic or something to the back of the interface and see what that does.

If you must, you can always try other software such as Reaper which i found to be a very nice program once you learn it. IMO, ProTools without the HD after it is a waste of time.
he cant get any signal into the computer from M-audio, pro tools is irrelivant at this stage.

is it a faulty USB port maybe?
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